Alterations and Repairs

We are proud to offer expert alterations for all of our customer’s needs. We can replace zippers, make hem and size adjustments, and repair most tears and rips. Please see a Customer Service Representative about your alteration needs.

Casual Clothes Care

Our state of the art equipment and personal attention to detail assure you of the finest quality casual clothes cleaning and finishing.

Dry Cleaning

At Outer Banks Cleaners, we understand the more you put into your wardrobe, the more you expect from it. For a wardrobe that consistently looks new we believe there’s no smarter choice than our cleaning services.

Expert Stain Removal

We are experts at stain removal. We use the industry’s leading processes and procedures to care for your clothes. As a result, your clothes look vibrant and clean and feel soft and fresh. Our Staff is trained to remove many types of stains. When you have a spot or stain it is best not to attempt to remove it yourself. It is safe to blot a stain with a clean cloth or napkin, but you shouldn’t rub the area. It is very helpful to let us know exactly what caused the stain. This allows our experts to use the proper procedure.

Professional Wet Cleaning

Wet Cleaning is an alternative to traditional dry cleaning, and it requires extensive knowledge of fabrics and cleaning processes. It is much more specialized than doing your laundry at home, which could ruin fabrics like wool, silk and cashmere.

Shirt Laundry and Jean Service

Cotton and cotton blend dress shirts and blouses are professionally washed and pressed. Starch can be added if a hard finish is desired.

Laundry jean service is your choice if a hard finish is desired. Please request Starch or No Starch.

Tablecloths and Table Linens

Tablecloths, because of their size, texture and fabric, can be difficult to clean and finish at home. You can keep your tablecloths and table linens clean and fresh throughout the year by entrusting them to our professional staff.

Wash/Dry/Fold Laundry Service

Any laundries that are washed, dried, folded and then packaged. With the wash/dry/fold service we also offer a five star linen service (sheets, pillowcases, table linen, etc.) where we wash and press your linens.

Wedding Gown Cleaning and Preservation

Your wedding gown is probably one of your most prized possessions. It is a symbol of a special event and should be treated with special care. When you drop off your wedding gown at Outer Banks Cleaners, it is cleaned using the safest, most effective cleaning and preservation processes.